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About Junk Removal Collective

You're tired of putting money in the pockets of wealthy franchise owners, but worried about what you will get if you hire an independent contractor. First, let's get the money question out of the way. In this business, the primary overhead is labour, disposal fees, and vehicle expenses. The rest- mostly frills. Do you really want to pay extra for massive marketing campaigns? Corporate offices? A CEO's fourth vacation home? If you said no and would rather keep more of your own money, then Junk Collective is for you.
The price is better, the service is reliable, and guaranteed you're putting food on the table of an owner-operator.


Enjoy seeing your old things go to a new home?  Junk Collective continually looks for new and innovative ways to repurpose your old things.  Our local charitable partners are probably looking for at least something that you have.  Let our junk removal experts go through your items and pick out what they will take.  Our experience and knowledge of the repurposing market lets us find homes for things most other could not.

Here's How it Works

We have the person for the job! Using our simple online booking system, help us out by providing a few pieces of information:


Your name


The address of the pick-up


A preferred time for your appointment


What junk needs to go (a brief description is just fine!)

From the information you have provided, we will select an owner-operator from our directory to fit your needs.
Our team are all small business owners and operators.

Whether the job is a pick up truck load or enough to fill a cube van, we will find an economical solution - so you don't have to.

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