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You’re tired of putting money in the pockets of wealthy franchise owners, but worried about what you will get if you hire an independent contractor. First, let’s get the money question out of the way. In this business, the primary overhead is labour, disposal fees, and vehicle expenses. The rest- mostly frills. Do you really want to pay extra for massive marketing campaigns? Corporate offices? A CEO’s fourth vacation home? If you said no and would rather keep more of your own money, then Junk Collective is for you.
The price is better, the service is reliable, and guaranteed you’re putting food on the table of an owner-operator.


Enjoy seeing your old things go to a new home?  Junk Collective continually looks for new and innovative ways to repurpose your old things.  Our local charitable partners are probably looking for at least something that you have.  Let our junk removal experts go through your items and pick out what they will take.  Our experience and knowledge of the repurposing market lets us find homes for things most other could not.

Here's How it Works

We have the person for the job! Using our simple online booking system, help us out by providing a few pieces of information:


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From the information you have provided, we will select an owner-operator from our directory to fit your needs.
Our team are all small business owners and operators.

Whether the job is a pick up truck load or enough to fill a cube van, we will find an economical solution – so you don’t have to.

Hallow's Eve: Ain't What it used to be

You can be sure that the only thing that rivaled the excitement of Christmas when we were kids was Halloween. Each year my brother and I spent weeks planning our costumes down to the most finite detail. Likewise, our junk removal Edmonton crew also has fond memories of putting together their favourite Halloween outfits.

Out and About

Putting together our designs took a lot of creativity on our part, and lots of driving about town on our mother’s part. As a rule, multiple stops were required: the hardware store, the fabric shop, and even Zeller’s. Guaranteed no other kid in our classes would have the same Halloween get-up that we did!

Unfortunately our creations didn’t always hit the mark, however part of the fun was guessing among friends at school what we were “supposed to be”.

Rip, Rattle, and Roll

The minority still chooses to put together their own costumes, while the majority of us will buy ready-to-go ensembles at a store or order one online. Consequently, we often dish up a lot of dough for the perfect pre-fab spooky or cute look for our friend’s party.

Ranging from cheaply made to basically mediocre, Halloween costumes are a huge industry from September through October. Pop-up temporary shops and online boutiques are the fastest and easiest way to access a large variety of outfits. However, just as fast as we are able to purchase these easy threads, we throw them away.

Plastic Plastic Everywhere

Consequently, the city landfills get a lot of “disposable” textiles and plastics.  As you can imagine, after each holiday, these costumes are often seen by our junk removal Edmonton crew. Factories far away pump out these costumes and sell them in bulk for as little as $5 a piece to be bought up and sold by distributors for much, much more. Needless to say, the manufacturing quality is often so-so on the materials. In fact, you can bet your “cheap” attire won’t last beyond one, maybe two Halloweens at best.

Let’s Do This!

Although it may take a bit more planning, effort, and thought on your part, the junk removal Edmonton team believes that the most sustainable way to celebrate Halloween with an outfit is to put it together yourself. In spite of what you may think, local thrift stores often have an excellent variety of used or like-new clothing that can be put together (or taken apart!) in new and fun ways.

Take a break from streaming television shows online and learn basic sewing skills. Even a glue gun could positively do the trick. In brief, the best part of making your own Halloween costume: no one will have the same one!

The horrors of electronics recycling

Scrap electronics contain valuable metals such as copper, gold, lead, rare earths, silvers, and cobalt. These metals are worth salvaging, so companies strip the components and resell them to smelters. However, in advanced industrial economies with high wages and strict environmental laws, it is not possible to turn a profit. In order to make up for this, governments subsidize the recycling operations, or companies ship the waste overseas, mainly to Africa. If sent over to Africa, locals scavenge the used materials, and then burn the plastics to get at the precious metals, which are then sold to a recycler. The problem with this approach is that it is incredibly environmentally destructive, and highly toxic to the workers, many of whom are children.

How to ruin the public's perspective of renewable energy

The problem is that sustainable energy isn’t sustainable without subsidy. Many people are open minded about using public funds to advance the technological development of renewable energy, but oppose it when it is being subsidized on a massive scale with huge losses to taxpayers. Lets use the Canadian province of Ontario as an example of what not to do.

Their government went all in with a massive program of grants and subsidies to build wind turbines and solar farms in a province that already got most of its electricity through hydro and nuclear. Now because of the incredible waste and mismanagement, Ontario electricity users have seen their rates triple since the inception of the program. This has adversely affected consumers, particularly the elderly, as many people use electricity to heat their homes and shuttered many businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector.

The outcome? Now the province produces more electricity than it actually needs, and is forced to sell it at a loss to the United States. A complete and total failure of government policy. In the worst cases, manufacturers moved across the border to take advantage of the cheaper energy sold at a loss by the Ontario government.

Perhaps if they decided to jump in slowly and spend a fraction of the 30 billion that the green energy program cost on improving technology before deploying it, they would have gotten better results and people’s attitude towards renewables would be different.


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